FOTINI House Sarti Sithonia

Sarti Sithonia: the jewelι of Halkidiki

Sarti is located at the end of the second leg of Chalkidiki, Sithonia and is the tourist paradise of Toroni Municipality. It seaside village with less than 1000 residents. The population increases dramatically during the summer season as the area attracts thousands of visitors, Greeks and foreigners. A beach three kilometers including a village which summer turns into big city, as thousands of visitors, both foreign and domestic, flock to enjoy the infinite blue of the deep green of the surrounding mountains. The view from every part of the beach is the peninsula of Mount Athos with its imposing term "ATHOS" with peak at 2085 m.
The big festival in August 15th, walking the river and visit the dependency are things that should not be missed. Sarti offers the visitor all kinds of fun and entertainment, such as watersports, walks in the mountains, sea games, traditional taverns etc. In the old village there few of the quaint old houses of Afisioton refugee from Asia Minor, who began to arrive in the region since 1922

Attractions in Sithonia

Filet De Saumon
The ancient town of Toroni, the windmills in Sikia, the 16th century church in Nikiti and the Parthenon, which is a preserved traditional settlement.
Known for their natural beauty, are Azapiko beaches Tristinika, Kalamitsi, Kriaritsi, Linaraki, Orange, Arbor.
Portokali: 5 Km - Kavourotrypes: 6 Km - Vourvourou: 30 Km - Nikiti: 40 Km - Sykia: 10 Km - Kalamitsi: 15 Km - Porto Koufo: 28 Km - Toroni: 30 Km - Neos Marmaras: 45 Km
Mount Athos is a self-governed part of the Greek State, which is located on the Athos peninsula of Halkidiki in Macedonia.